You may be quite surprised to learn that there have been some truly mind-blowing discoveries in the last twelve months. There have been tremendous developments in medical sciences, a wide range of brand new plants found, brand new creatures of all shapes and sizes found, and some scary new facts that everyone really should be aware of.

This video has a brief look at 10 Most Mind-Blowing Discoveries In The Last Year. Such discoveries talked about in the video include: Undead Gene, A Ninth Plant, A Cybernetic Implant, Stem Cells That Help Stroke Patients To Heal, Gene Mutation That Caused Life On Earth, 5D Storage, Trees Sleep, Earth’s Other Moon, Stem Cells To Repair Spinal Injury, Climbing Fish.

Some of the information the video gives about each of these unique discoveries may make you laugh. However, they really are surprisingly serious. Please do not just brush the information about the above off when you watch the video.

In fact, the video could compel you into doing your own research on the said topics. If you have an interest in these particular discoveries or have some more information about them, please leave a comment underneath the video to let us know. You may just teach us a thing or two that we have not come across yet. Your comment may also prompt others to have a watch and have a say about the video themselves.

So what are you waiting for? Have a watch now to learn something you never knew about before. Such topics are sure to create some great conversations with your friends and family.


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