Did you know that there is so much sitting underneath the Earth’s waters? Over the decades there have been some truly remarkable discoveries. All kinds of divers and scientists have found a very large number of discoveries that are sure to surprise you. Some of these exciting discoveries have included: UFO’s, pyramids, and even large cities.

The Heracleion is probably the most surprising discovery found so far. This is a town that was discovered in the Mediterranean Sea. It was only found during the year 2000. The things that were found in this awesome town were: several ships, artwork and coins made out of gold. It was the French people who discovered the Heracleion. The Chinese people also discovered a different city within a similar area. However, this particular city was not found until the year 1959. The city was named Lion City and remains completely untouched even today. It is the ocean that has kept these cities together in good condition for thousands of years.

A river has also been discovered underneath the Black Sea. It even comes with it’s own unique trees, leaves and waterfalls. How amazing is that?

It truly is a completely new world underneath the Earth’s amazing waters. Why not consider doing some deep sea diving yourself one day. You are sure to find some truly exciting and remarkable discoveries. Perhaps you will even come across something that no one else has discovered yet. You could make some wonderful history.

To find out more about the discoveries that we have mentioned, then please spend some time viewing our video. If you like, you can also post some comments underneath it to tell us what discoveries grabbed your attention. If you did find something captured your attention, please tell us your reasons why.


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