1. Tony Cicoria -He was struck by lightening and was technically dead before he was brought back to life. Afterwards, he developed a special ability to play piano melodies.

2. Unnamed woman-She received a shock from a faulty lamp.She claimed that she could heat up her hands enough to melt ice. However, this claim was not true.

3. Nikolai Kryaglachenko-The Russian school boy received an electric shock and developed magneto-like powers where he could attract metallic objects.

4. Franco Magnani-He came down with a frightening fever.He also suffered seizures and often became delirious.The fever triggered Temporal Lobe Epilepsy which enabled him to paint in a great photo like detail.

5. Jason Padgett- While leaving a bar, he was jumped by two men and suffered a concussion.He then began noticing geometrical shapes everywhere and was able to draw fractals, mathematical sets that show a repeating pattern.

6. Ben Underwood-He was diagnosed with retinal cancer at two years and his eyes had to be removed to save his life.He then began to use echolocation to detect the location of objects by making frequent clicky noises with his tongue and listening to the echo.

7. Anonymous woman-As she was skiing, she caught the edge of her ski which sent her flying. She was then diagnosed with Acquired Savant Syndrome which caused her to show extraordinary skills she never possessed before.

8. Ken Walters-He was involved in an accident in 1986 which broke his back.He then suffered two consecutive heart attacks followed by a stroke which caused her to be able to make electronic arts drawings. He also drew monsters for their games.

9. Tommy Mchugh-He had a bleed from a rapture of an aneurysm which damaged his frontal lobe.As a result, he began to draw complex arts.

10. Jon Sarkin-He developed Tinnitus in 1988 which causes ringing in his ears.He also suffered a stroke.He woke up deaf in one ear, balance skewed and vision splintered. Afterwards, his brain formed new connections enabling him to make creative drawings.


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