The locations in the video above surprised many people. These locations are like the background of a fairy tale, sci-fi movie, or photoshopped, but they are all real.

  1. The Shanay-Timpishka River is located in the world-famous Amazon jungle with temperatures so hot that any animals accidentally touched are cooked immediately. The more they struggle, the more water infiltrate their body and make them die faster. The water temperature here can be as high as 91 degrees Celsius. Scientists have yet to find out what is happening at the world’s most incredible site.
  1. The Movile Cave in southeastern Romania is in a special condition when separated and isolated from sunlight for 5.5 million years. Even so, the atmosphere in this particular cavern is filled with H2S gas and the CO2 content is 100 times higher than air on the ground. What’s even more strange is that 33 animal species grow in this toxic environment and have never been seen anywhere on Earth.
  1. Knaresborough in North Yorkshire is home to a special well. Specifically, the water flows down from a cliff head looking like a laughing skull, but all objects like dolls, bicycles, etc. are watered turn into stone. This process usually takes about 3-5 months.
  1. Lake Karachay was the place where the Soviet Union poured tonnes of radioactive waste. By 1957, an explosion at the plant had spread the radiation to more than 23,000 square kilometres. In 1967, the water in this unbelievable site evaporated and radioactive fallout was further blown 1,450 kilometres. Although concrete has been poured down to limit other hazards in the future, the toxic levels in this reservoir are still very high.
  1. Grüner See Park in Austria is usually covered by snow in winter. The amount of snow is so great that when they melt as the weather warms up, the water level in the lake rises dramatically, drowning the park. If you come to Grüner See in the spring, you will see resting chairs and the bridge over the lake is submerged under. Even the flowers are hatched under water.
  1. The countryside of Piemonte, Italy is noticed by a tree growing directly above the tops of a mulberry tree. Local people said that the seed of the tree could be dropped on the mulberry tree by a bird. Somehow, the seed sprouts and grows by rooting in the mulberry to attract nutrients to survive.
  1. Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela is the most hit by the lightning place in the world. Starting at 7 pm each evening, thunder has surfaced for 10 hours. On average, there are 260 lightning strikes per year in this lake. No expert can decipher the cause of this phenomenon.
  1. The Blue Pond of Hokkaido was an artificial dam that built to block the flow of mud after the eruption of the Tokachidake volcano in 1989. At first, this place was banned as contains many mysterious things. The lake’s colour is usually turquoise, but can also be changed to another colour such as green depending on the season or viewing angle.
  1. The scientists conducted several experiments and discovered that all the rocks present in the park are made up of a mineral called diabas. However, the exact mechanism by which the boulders emit sound under the human influence is still something difficult to explain.
  1. Kawah Ijen volcano is located in eastern Java, formed by several different volcanoes. The volcano exudes an unusual blue lava flow. And it is not as mysterious as many think it is. Lava flows are naturally red, but the intense heat surrounding them and the burning of sulphur change the look of it. When sulphur is burned by lava, it emits a blue light. This amount of sulphur is sprayed on the ground from volcanic fissures along with molten rock.


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