A tiny Canadian Town near Newfound land and Labrador Sea draw attention from the tourist this Easter Sunday because of a huge Iceberg that set sail past their town.

The town with 500 population was amazed by the iceberg drifted to the coast of Ferryland. It is estimated that the iceberg is 46 m in height.

Ferryland-Mayor Adrian-Kavanagh said that it is the largest iceberg they have seen.

New foundland coast and the Labrador sea is also known as “iceberg alley” for the frequent iceberg from the-Arctic each spring. This year, it is recorded that atleast 616 icebergs are recorded in the-North Atlantic this year, compared to the total of 687 icebergs spotted last year.

Rebecca Action-bond of ice operation said that this year, there is a significant large amount of iceberg sightings. It may look incredible looking at the chart but at the same time it’s quite unusual. The numbers of icebergs signifies something since of the large number difference.

Because of the phenomena, New foundland’s tourism industry boomed because of the tourist posting pictures in twitters and instagram about the unusual iceberg sightings.

Ice berg drifting is present even before the human civilization is formed. It is often caused by the strong wind and ocean currents most especially in the arctic regions. The majority of the iceberg drifting happened in the northern part of Canada most especially during the summer months in a west to east direction. Storms also pass through St. Lawrence then move out to the sea over the Grand Banks of Newfoundland and the Labrador Sea. While other icebergs drifted towards the southern tip of Green land to Davis Straight. These storms often produce severe weather conditions.

Don’t forget to visit this amazing phenomena this weekend!


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