Thousands of researchers and scientist gathered from various parts of the world on Saturday at events which were held in Washington Dc, in the United States of America where over 150,000 participants march to the national hall. Many participants were seen holding various signs in their hands. In their gathering was an ostrich costume which depicts President Donald Trump.

The participant were not political office holders, but however, they got their idea by three Us based researchers Caroline Weinberg, Valorie Aquino and Jonathan Bernman after the United state of America elected president Donald Trump at his inauguration. These organisers believe that sciences under attack from Donald Trump administration and they link him to been a dangerous orange toxin.

President Donald Trump in his statement insists that his administration is devoted the nature of America. “Rigorous science is significant to my administration’s effort to achieve goals of economic and environmental protection’’. He also makes it known that his government is devoted to carrying out scientific research that will help in better understanding of America environment and its environmental risk.

In this march, many participants believe that politicians have cast off science policies. In his word Rush Holt, a former congressman said he is encouraged by the marcher’s frothier action that is taking place globally. He said in the past scientists have been hesitant to be to the public which has caused a lot of worries.

The United Nations former chief Christiana Figueres, climate scientist Michael Mann and hundreds of scientific institutions, groups, unions joined with the marchers. It was observed in the gathering that there is little drive among government scientist since they are under attack by trump administration.

President Trump has created shocks for a scientist with his various remarks about climate change. He gives remarks concerning the climate as a prank; he also questions about if vaccines are really safe and he will decrease funds giving to universities that do not act according to his will. With the white house, are cent budget proposal which is going to remove about $7billion in science funding and many medical research funds will be cut down. It will bear so much pain for science and scientific research in the United States of America.

The purpose of carrying out this march is for climate change and the neglection of science by Donald trump administration. The budget director to President trump as in a statement that climate research is a waste of efforts and money. Other aspects of science have been neglected, and the president is yet to nominate administrators for National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration neither has he appoint his own special adviser for science.

The march has been proved to be divisive within the science area which is related to visible politics. Some scientist has raised anxiety that the march will cause a great attack by president trump and he will fail to influence the public that science is indeed valuable.

The march came one week before the people climate march as many events focused on climate change.Dr. Geoffrey Supran of Harvard University, an expert in renewable energy, said “attacks on science do not just hurt scientist; they hurt the ability to protect people from climate change’’.


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