The knowledge gained at school is the basis for many surprising things about science that we will study later. Science is not ended with school lesson; when we are passionate about exploring and discovering, science is something that is really interesting and engaging.

The following are very brain-blowing facts, but it is extremely interesting that the school did not teach us. If teachers shared these things from school, we would be impressed and love to study more.

If you spin the ball and drop it, it will fly

The ball will fly thanks to the Magnus effect, which occurs when the air on the front of the rotating object moves in the same direction as its rotation. Meanwhile, the air on the other side of the object moves in the opposite direction, so the airflow is separated.

In the above example, there are two air currents that affect the ball. The moving part of the ball under the ball increases the velocity and rolls the ball along, the air moving in the reverse direction which acts on the ball, causing it to fly away.

You will survive better on the ground than under water when the grenades explode

See these balloons? Imagine what will happen to your lungs when there is an explosion near you underwater?

You can see things without your glasses

According to the MinutePhysics channel, what you need to do is to create a pinhole with your hand, which will help focus the light on the retina, which may not the perfect solution but it will sometimes help. Very convenient if you do not carry your glasses.

Whale carcases could explode

Do not be foolish to come close to whale carcases if you do not want a disaster to happen. When the whale dies, the internal organs break down, generating gas in the body – usually methane and nitrogen-based gases, causing the body to become “swollen”. Whale skin is very thick and very elastic, able to withstand extreme pressure, extremely difficult to decompose. Therefore, gas can accumulate with enormous mass. That is why decaying whale carcases can cause an explosion if provoked.

Raining Diamonds

According to scientists, diamonds can float in the stream of hydrogen and liquid helium inside the atmosphere of Saturn and Jupiter. Moreover, at lower depths, under extreme pressure and temperature, this precious stone is melted, meaning that there will be raining diamonds.

Swallowing A Star

When a star is drawn into a black hole, the intense plasma currents that emerge from the process can reach hundreds of thousands of light years. “When the star is torn apart by the gravity of the black hole, part of the star falls into the black hole, the rest is ejected at extremely high speeds,” said researcher Suvi Gezari at Johns Hopkins University.

Fungus For Relatives

Do you disagree with the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin which said that human ancestors are monkeys? So what do you think when you know that mushrooms can also be ancestors of humankind.

Burping in Space

You can not burp or fart in space because of the zero gravity environment. So if you have the chance to go to space then do not be foolish to try to burp, what you get may only be your vomit.

Water can boil and freeze at the same time

This is called a “The triple points”, which occurs when the temperature and pressure are moderate for the three phases (gas, liquid and solid) of a substance coexist in thermodynamic equilibrium.

Wide Open Spaces

How to put entire human race into the volume of a sugar cube? You just need to remove spaces between atoms.


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