Surely remembering the abstractions always makes us crazy, you even can not remember your phone number, your own identification number, … and want to overcome this difficulty.

Don’t worry. With some effort and the right method, you can completely turn this fear into a fun hobby. This is the method that been using by masters in memory like Tony Buzan, Dominic O’Brien, Ben Pridmore,…

Our brains can not remember things that are too ordinary and tedious. But it’s strange that we can remember the odd, the weird, the striking, the funny way better, right? This is the key to remembering: Create pictures and stories!

With two simple tests, this video will show you the difference between the two ways of memorising as well as demonstrating the effectiveness of using visual memory. With this method, you can memorise everything easily without having to go through any boring and repetitive process.

Do the test yourself and leave a comment below to let us know how your verbal memory scored against your visual memory.


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