Magic generally means supernatural power. If we like to read story books, there are most of the time supernatural powers are present. If we go for a research about the super natural powers, sometimes it is true. In real life, the people become a magician with super tricks. The most popular 10 tricks are:

1) Most of the magician in the magical show shows that they cut some one ‘s body but the person is still living, the true magic behind it is, there is a box and 2 people are sitting, one side first person ‘s head is visible and on another side the second person’s legs are visible.

2) In the next magic trick we stick some threads on the playing card and keep a matchstick on it and fold the card, everyone will think that the matchstick is in air.

3) In the next trick Keeping a coin on a table and putting a magnet down wards the table, we will move the magnet and coin will also move.

4) Some times classic cup and ball magic become very famous and it is one of the interesting tricks.

5) In the next magic, their are 4 people in different 4 boxes which were merged, each person was showing different body part of a body.

6) A knife which is already having a hole and the person keep it on the hand and pretend that they are cutting their hand.

7) The best magic is, a woman falls on a chair and she comes up, the reason is there is an electric surface which goes up.

8) The rat trick, which is very famous. A rat is packed in a cloth and tie on the magician side when he shows his hat, he takes the rat smartly with him.

9) The magic by Mikel Jackson is was that he places one iron nail in his shoe and pretend to fall down.

10 ) The secret of levitation is, the magician is having a clearly invisible support. Also, the disappearing cup, this is a really simple trick, on a table, there is a hole, the magician hides the cup smartly.


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