The Earth rotates from the west towards the east. And of course, everything on Earth is rotated in that direction. If the Earth suddenly stopped spinning, everything that was not fixed to the ground would be launched towards the east at a speed of more than 1,600km/h.

The atmosphere is also stopped spinning. That’s creating winds with destructive like an atomic bomb blast, accompanied by huge tsunamis that can sink more than 27 square kilometres of land in less than one minute.

If the Earth stops rotating, oceans will move to the poles because the place has the greatest gravitational attraction, then there are only two super-oceans and a continent in the middle.

One day on Earth will be no more 24 hours as before. The new day will last 365 days. In which, 6 months is as hot as burning, the other 6 months in the cold. The sun will rise in the west and dive in the east.

Earth is no longer protected from harmful cosmic rays due to its weakened magnetic field. At that time, life almost had no chance to survive on Earth.


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