Mars has almost no water on the surface and has areas that are drier than the aridest deserts on Earth. The atmosphere on Mars is extremely thin, about 100 times thinner on Earth. 96% of the air here is carbon dioxide, people will certainly be unable to breathe.

Mars is extremely cold, the average temperature is minus 81 degrees Fahrenheit (around minus 62.7 degrees Celsius) and the day’s temperature fluctuates in a very large range. One day on Mars is 39 minutes longer than on Earth. Years and seasons in the year are up to 2 times longer. Mars’s gravity is much lower than Earth, only about 38%.

With the radiant heat and the icy climate, humans, obviously, are hard to survive on Mars. But nothing is impossible. Scientists have used a variety of methods to survive in this area. Watch the video above and leave a comment letting us know if you believe that someday in the future people can live on Mars.


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