Out of the thousands of reports released by CIA every month, one report from 27/03/1993 stood out as a strange case of alien encounter. It details a fire fight which took place around the Siberian area where 23 Russian soldiers were petrified as a result of firing at the UFO. Yes you read that right, they were turned into stoned.

According to the Russian report from 1991, the 250 page report details the attack which ultimately resulted in the UFO being taken down. After the UFO was downed, 23 soldiers turned into stone as they approached the fallen ship. What is more interesting is that the report contains detailed images of the incident and testimony from the other soldiers.

The KGB report stated that the UFO appeared right on top of a group of soldiers who were running a training exercise in Siberia and a soldier fired and downed the craft. What happened next is truly amazing.

5 humanoid figures can be seen walking out of the UFO, described as looking like they were as tall as a small teenager with large heads and eyes, and then forming together into a white ball. This ball expanded rapidly and emitted a blinding light, ultimately exploding. This resulted in 23 soldiers in the nearby area to immediately turn into stone with only 2 soldiers surviving the incident.

The bodies of the petrified soldiers were transported to a secret medical facility in Moscow. The reported stated the procedure they went through to test the bodies resulting in the conclusion that a massive energy burst that was previously foreign to Earth changed the physiological structure of the soldier’s bodies, completely turning them into stone inside and out. This included the entire internal organs structure, all blood and everything else.

After closer examination of the stone, they also discovered that the stone was not actually stone at all but another foreign object that has a very similar texture and composition of regular stones on earth.

Though this is an interesting report, the CIA have been known to release false information in the past and even taking citing from publications who were associated with making up conspiracy stories. With that said however, we believe that this story should not be taken too seriously (like any UFO story).

What do you guys think about this story? Is it fake?

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