1. Unidentified mass
This mass was identified by a survivor of the 2011 tsunami. Some locals claimed that the creature that been washed up ashore resembled a whale and others, a boulder.

2. Ghost fish
This white creature was identified on a video that was taken during the tsunami. In the video, it was seen to jump into a tree as the water level was rising. Later, the creature jumped back into the water and out into the air before vanishing into thin air.

3. Sabre-tooth sardine
Days after the 2011 Tsunami, this strange creature was spotted in an online video. The creature was washed up ashore after the tsunami and resembles both a dog and a fish. It had large sharp teeth as well as brown scales.

4. Mutant
In Fukushima, Japan, a strange-looking fish was caught by a local man. The fish had an abnormally large head, a small body, and no teeth. This creature is thought to be a result of mutation following a nuclear catastrophe that occurred in the area during the tsunami.

5. Fish in a skiff
In 2011, fish were found in a skiff that had been spotted off the West Coast of America. One of the fish that had survived is currently being studied by marine biologists.

6. Beluga hybrid
In a picture that emerged after the tsunami, a strange creature resembling both a Beluga Whale and a shark was identified.

7. One-eyed fish
After the tsunami, this bizarre creature was spotted on the West Coast of the United States. The eel-like animal only had one eye.

8. Creature in town
This fish was spotted in the ruins of a Japanese town after a tsunami. It was thought to have been washed up onto the streets by the massive sea waves. It is not clear whether the animal was a small whale or a sturgeon.

9. Black creature
During the tsunami, a black life-form was seen to move across the beach and enter the water during the evacuation. The creature was suspected to be a seal or an octopus, although it was moving incredibly fast to be either of the two.


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